Call for papers – Insaniyyat Forum Tunis 2022

Call for papers – Insaniyyat Forum Tunis 2022

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Call for Papers The Forum Insaniyyat انسانيّات Tunis 2022 (Deadline : November 15, 2021)

The Forum

Insaniyyat اتّانساني is an international forum on human and social sciences; it offers researchers from various origins and backgrounds and across generations an open space for academic peer conversations, and encourages exchange with society on research in progress. Anchored in the Tunisian, Maghrebian and the entire region’s (Middle East, Africa, Europe) context and experiences, and aware of the urgent common challenges, this large-scale event will help enhance the status of human and social sciences in teaching and research and elucidate their importance in the administration of the affairs of the City. The Forum invites reflection on recent dynamics in human and social sciences from a multidisciplinary

Insaniyyatاتّانساني Tunis 2022 is organized by the University of Manouba (UMA), the University of Tunis (UT), the University of Tunis al-Manar (UTM), the Institute for Research on the Contemporary Maghreb (IRMC Tunis), the GIS (Scientific Interest Group) Middle East and Muslim Worlds and the Society for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Worlds
(SEMOMM). Partnership is open to interested academic and cultural institutions and organizations.

The First Edition, Insaniyyat 2022, will be held from 20 to 24 September in Tunis. It will include a symposium (conferences, workshops, and round tables) and thematic meetings bringing together actors in the human sciences, writers, intellectuals and artists around the current practice and challenges of digital humanities, the multilingual circulation of knowledge and dialogue between SHS and society. It will also feature a human and social sciences academic publications fair and offer participants a rich program of side artistic and cultural events.

Proposals can be written in Arabic, English or French

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