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    Current position : Professor of International Relations Institution adress : University Complutense of Madrid (Spain) Research fields : international relations foreign policy españoles and european social movements human rigths Contact : i.barrenada@cps.ucm.es Language(s) : Spanish Experts Professional page Bibliography

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  • Alice WILSON
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    Current position : Lecturer in Social Anthropology Institution adress : University of Sussex (England) Reserch field : the state power, sovereignty and revolution through the case of the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria the the aspirations, compromises and dilemmas of attempts to build a state authority in exile the refugee community’s negotiations of rations and local markets...

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  • New publication : Les récits d’origine, Pierre Bonte
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    Last publication of our late colleague, Pierre Bonte Bonte Pierre, 2016, Les récits d’origine. Contribution à la connaissance du passé ouest-saharien (Mauritanie, Maroc, Sahara Occidental, Algérie et Mali), Paris, Karthala En s’inspirant de l’analyse structurale des mythes, Pierre Bonte propose une méthode de traitement des « récits d’origine » ouest-sahariens dont le statut est resté…

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    Current position : Professor in Political Science Institution adress : University of Pablo de Olavide (Spain) Research fields : the social movements, elections organized by Morocco in the occupied territories the Moroccan policies in the cities of Western Sahara, including housing and fishing policies Contact : wguilla@hotmail.com Language(s) : Spanish French English Experts Professional page Bibliography

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    Current position : Assistant Professor Sociology and Anthropology Carleton University, Loeb B745 1125 Colonel By Dr. Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6 Research fields : the social reproduction of the Saharawi revolutionary nationalism the women and youth key groups for the social reproduction of a Sahrawi revolutionary nationalism the contradictions that have arisen around these two groups since...

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    Current position : Professor in Political Science and Administration Institution adress : University of Granada (Spain) Research fields : the political decentralization in Morocco the Western Sahara Conflict the olitical System of Mauritania the local Public Management Contact : rojeda@ugr.es Language(s) : Spanish French English Professional page Bibliography

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  • Jacob MUNDY
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    Current position : Assistant Professor in Peace and Conflict Studies Institution adress : University of Colgate (United States) Research fields : the armed conflicts and international intervention across northwest Africa the emergence of Sahrawi nationalism and foreign responses to the Morocco-Polisario conflict Language(s) : English Professional page Bibliography

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    Current position : Professor of Anthropology Institution adress : University of Barcelona (Spain) Reserch field : the Spanish presence in the coastal region of the Sahara the production of memories related to the Spanish colonial experience in North-West Africa Language(s) : Spanish French Professional page Bibliography

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  • Juan Carlos GIMENO MARTIN
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    Current position : Professor of Anthropology Institution adress : Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) Research fields : national Saharawi poetry history and memory cultural heritage decolonial anthropology refugee camps spanish colonization Language(s) : Spanish Bibliography

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  • Tara F. DEUBEL
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    Current position : Assistant professor in anthropology Institution adress : University of South Florida (United States) Research fields : the Saharawi musical and poetic performance in hassâniyya the conservation of the Saharawi cultural heritage the collective memory the nomadic pastoralism the question of gender and women's leadership the question of identity among young people the human...

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