• BENTO Berenice
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    Current position : Teacher - Researcher Geographical assignment and address : University of Brasilia - Department of Sociology Search fields : Gender/ sexuality human rights colonialism Contact : Berenice.bento1@gmail.com Work on Western Sahara: Photographic exhibition: https://berenicebento.com/exposicao/ Short film - SAHARAUI: Memória e Exílio - Berenice Bento : https://youtu.be/vZFZa3mbGEM Article Viagem a diaspora saaraui: https://seer.ufrgs.br/iluminuras/article/view/102531/pdf Language(s)...

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  • Rita REIS
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    Current position : PhD candidate in Social Anthropology Institution adress : Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon Research fields : Education in Sahrawi nation-building process Children and youth mobilities Students’ mobilities Future perspectives among youngsters Contact : ritamreis@edu.ulisboa.pt Language(s) : English Portuguese Professional Page

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  • Judit TAVAKOLI
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    Current position: Teacher-researcher Geographical affectation and direction: Institute of Ethnology, Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Research championships: -Western Sahara, Morocco -identity and cultural material, cultural heritage Contact: j.tavakoli@em.uni-frankfurt.de Studies in Western Sahara:  2015: „Zwischen Zelten und Häusern – Die Bedeutung materieller Ressourcen für den Wandel von Identitätskonzepten saharauischer Flüchtlinge in Algerien“. Berlin: regiospectra...

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  • Pavel BORECKY
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    Current position : PhD researcher Institution adress : Walter Benjamin Kolleg, University of Bern Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern Research fields : Inequality Resource extraction Post-socialism Post-humanism Anthropocene Environmental sustainability Public space Audiovisual methods Media Anthropology Central Europe / Middle East Works on Western Sahara: In the Devil’s Garden, sensory ethnography film, 25...

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  • Camille TANNÉ
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    Current position : Master's student Expertise en Population et Développement Institution adress : University Paris Descartes Research fields : The migratory routes of Sahrawi youth Migration/ education Human rights Master Project : The migratory trajectories of young Sahrawis in France and Spain: complex and multi-faceted paths Contact : camilletanne@outlook.fr Language(s) : French Spanish English Professional...

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  • Meriem NAILI
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    Actual position: PhD student in conflict, security and human rights Affiliated institution: University of Exeter (England) Fields of Investigation: refugee rights human rights and peacekeeping operations international justice and transitional justice Languages: French English Spanish Algerian dialect

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  • Marjorie BEULAY
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    Current position : Professor of Anthropology Lecturer in Public Law Institution adress : University of Picardie Jules Vernes (Amiens, France) Research fields : Public International Law Migration Law, International and European Human Rights Law International organizations Law Works on Western Sahara : Scientific director of the international conference "Western Sahara - News of an old...

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  • Otman FDILI
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    Current position : Student in LLCH Research Master (Letters, Languages, Civilizations and Heritages from Hispanic Worlds) Institution adress : University of Angers (France) Research fields : Hispanic worlds’ civilizations Nomadology: the nomadic character in Hispanic civilizations Saharawis identities Hispanic literature Master Project : Nomadology, a line of interdisciplinary research in human sciences. Contact : otfdili@gmail.com…

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    Current position : Professor of Natural sciences - Geology Institution adress : University of Barcelona(Spain) Research fields : Prospection of mineral resources Mineral deposits Petrology Geological mapping Contact : slehbib@yahoo.es Language(s) : Spanish English Experts Professional page Bibliography

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  • Joaquim SOLER SUBILS
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    Current position : Researcher in archeology Institution adress : University of Girona (Spain) Research fields : the rock paintings the prehistory the paleolithic Contact : joaquim.soler@udg.edu Language(s) : Spanish English Professional page

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