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    Current position : PhD Candidate in law Institution adress : University of Grenada (Spain) Research fields : public international law international relations European Union law Contact : salamaabdi@gmail.com Language(s) : Arab Spanish English French Experts Bibliography

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  • Baba Ahmed MULAY
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    Current position : Hydrogeologist Institution adress : University of Complutense de Madrid (Spain) Research fields : hydrogeology Western Sahara geology Language(s) : Spanish English Professionnal page Bibliography

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  • Janos Besenyo
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    Current position : Lecturer Institution adress : Sándor Wekerle Business College, Budapest (Hungary) Research fields : peacekeeping (MINURSO) Western-Sahara war Saharawi History Nomadic troops Contact : besenyo.janos@gmail.com Language(s) : English Experts Professional page Bibliography

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  • Akihisa MATSUNO
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    Current position : Professor of Conflict and Peace Building Institution adress : University of Osaka (Japan) Research fields : International politics Conflict studies Timor-Leste   Language(s) : Japanese English Professional page

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  • Mohamed AHL MEHDI
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    Current position : Phd Candidate in language Institution adress : University of Cádiz (Spain) Research fields : Cultural and postcolonial studies Translation and interpretation The Western Sahara The media in the colonial Sahara Contact : ahlmehdimohamed@gmail.com Language(s) : Arab French Spanish Professional page

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  • Yacine BERBAR
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    Current position : Phd candidate in Law - International Relations specialty North Africa/Middle East Institution adress : University Paris Sorbonne Cité (France) Research fields : Maghreb integration France-Maghreb relations Influence of French legal culture in North Africa Contact : yacineb369@gmail.com Language(s) : French English Professional page

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    Current position : Professor at the retirement Institution adress : University of Rennes 2 (France) Research fields : Earth science Earth science applied Archeology Contact : moises.poncedeleon@univ-rennes2.fr Language(s) : French Experts Bibliography

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  • Nasara CABRERA ABU
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    Current position : Professor Institution adress : University of las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) Research fields : Interethnic relations Intersection between gender and ethnicity Diasporas Contact : nasara.cabrera@ulpgc.es Language(s) : Spanish Experts Bibliography

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  • María López BELLOSO
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    Current position : Research fellow in Human rights and Development Institution adress : University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain) Research fields : Human rights Forced disappearances Transitional justice Gender Home migrants / asylum seekers Contact : Language(s) : Spanish French English Bibliography

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  • Madina QUERRE
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    Current position : PhD in anthropology Head of the research structure REVeSS Associate scholar at the Faculté d’anthropologie sociale-ethnologie Université Bordeaux Institution adress : Bordeaux Research fields : Public Health and food issues Unexplained collective syndromes home migrants / asylum seekers in Bordeaux Contact : madina.querre@revess.net Language(s) : French English Bibliography

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