• Aldana Villalobos Katheryne
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    Current Position : Teacher and researcher, association manager Institution of affiliation : Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Research Fields : Western Saharal Agroecology Leasure and recreative activities Women Contact : kaldanav@pedagogica.edu.co Works on Western Sahara : Master Dissertation : – La agencia de las mujeres saharauis en los campamentos de refugiados de Tindouf, Argelia (2019), Universidad de…

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  • Blanca Consuelo Wynter Sarmiento
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    Current Position : PhD Candidate and senior researcher Institution of affiliation : Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y Fundación Universitaria para el Desarrollo Humano (España) Research fields :   Digital activism in Western Sahara Blocking of information and censorship of the conflict in Western Sahara Peacebuilding in Western Sahara Current Project : La nomadología, una línea…

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  • Córdoba Heredia Alexandra
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    Current Position: PhD Candidate and association manager Institution of affiliation : Universidad de La Salle, Asociación Colombiana de Amistad con el Pueblo Saharaui (Bogotá D.C. Colombia) Research Fields : Western Sahara Women and Gender Development Contact : alexandra.cordoba@colombiasahara.org Works on Western Sahara : Master Dissertation : La agencia de las mujeres saharauis en los campamentos…

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  • José Leonar Botero Martínez
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    Current position: 1. Doctoral student in International Studies in Peace, Conflicts and Development, Universitat Jaume I (Spain). 2. Professor – Researcher, Santo Tomás University (Colombia). 3. Project Manager of the Colombian Association of Friendship with the Saharawi People Institution of affiliation : Universitat Jaume I (Spain) Research Fields: Human Rights Protection Systems and International Humanitarian…

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  • Adriano Smolarek
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    Current position : Professor of Public International Law Geographical assignment and address : Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa (UEPG) Research fields : Self-determination of peoples International Tribunals Conflict in Western Sahara Contact details: smolarek01@gmail.com Language(s) : English Spanish Works on Western Sahara: SMOLAREK, A. A.; MIRANDA, J. I. R. A POLÍTICA EXTERNA BRASILEIRA PARA O…

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  • Yazid BEN HOUNET
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    Current position : Researcher, researcher at CNRS Institution adress : Social Anthropology Laboratory (CNRS-College of France-EHESS) Research fields : Political and legal anthropology / Kinship, family, parenthood Anthropology of Muslim societies (North Africa) / Tribe and State / Pastoralism and nomadism/ Identity and heritage Contact : yazid.ben-hounet@college-de-france.fr Langague(s) : French Professional page Bibliography

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  • Jiménez Gómez, SANTIAGO
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    Current position : Historian, retired Institution adress : Santiago de Compostela, Galicia - Spain Faculty of Geography and History of the university.   Research fields : History of the Middle Ages: construction of interactions between cities and their environment; dynamics of social relations Historical epistemology; the cultural construction of historical testimonies; the imaginary in the...

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  • Mark Drury
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    Current position : Lecturer Institution adress : Princeton University (United States) Research fields : Decolonization Contemporary history Human rights Contact : mdrury@gradcenter.cuny.edu Langague(s) : English Personal page Bibliography

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    Current position : PhD Candidate Institution adress : Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain). Research fields : Historical memory Colonization Language(s) : Spanish Bibliography Film : Provincia 53

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  • Maria Antonia HIDALGO RUBIO
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    Current position : Teacher-researcher, art therapist, activist Institution adress : Pablo de Olavide University, Seville, Spain. (UPO) Member of the: LISIS Research Group for School Coexistence. PAIDI Group (SEJ-468) "Values, family, equality and intergenerational relations". CINEF, Interdisciplinary Centre for Feminist and Gender Studies. UPO. ANDART Andalusian Professional Association of Art Therapy. FEAPA, Spanish Federation of...

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