New publication : Victims of Mines in Western Sahara

New publication : Victims of Mines in Western Sahara

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MARTIN BERISTAIN Carlos, SEPULVEDA APARICIO Gisela, ESCOBAR CASAS Edi, El fuego escondido: Las víctimas de minas en el Sáhara Occidental, Bilbao, Hegoa, 2017, 1vol; 271pp; 23cms, 978-84-16257-29-4, Español

This investigation is based on testimonies of 154 Saharawi victims of mines on both sides of the wall built by Morocco and some key witnesses. It gives an account of the impact of this silenced problem, of the alteration of the way of life and the culture of the Bedouins, of the consequences on the life and health of the survivors, most of them with disabilities, and their families, as well as those who have lost their loved ones. The demining measures and the responsibility of the parties are analyzed, the determined steps taken by the POLISARIO and the need for the signature of the Ottawa convention by the Kingdom of Morocco, as well as the need for an agreement between the parties to the problem of the wall and demining and the attention to mine victims are a fundamental part of the search for a political solution to the conflict that is still awaiting international commitment.

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